Friday, November 18, 2011

My Homework

After a productive two days of writing at the beach (alright, it was because I had been an idiot and sprained my knee necessitating elevating and icing said knee all weekend) and another productive afternoon off of work, (again due to knee) I have managed to add about 7,000 words to my Civil War novel. This allowed me some time this week to investigate other writing blogs, including blogs on how to write blogs. I learned I’m doing everything wrong, so today I’ve set myself some homework.

“Keep it short.” “Leave plenty of white space.” “Add images to give the eyes a rest.” These are among the many tips I’ve read this week, many of which come from the excellent blog,"Confident Writing." Throughout my life I have always been one to take few risks; I’ve preferred to know everything possible before undertaking something new. But for some reason, with writing, I’ve just jumped right in, both feet first, straight into the deep end. My blogging is a perfect example. I just decided one day that I would blog, picked a title for it, and posted that first post. I had never even read very many blogs, so had little idea of what one should look like.

Beyond the mechanics of blogging, the greater challenge for me has been trying to figure out all the ins and outs of Blogger. I’m going to attempt to make a change or two today in the look of my blog, but that may have to wait for another day. This I because I’m heading out soon to a taping of Live Wire, a local public radio show which purports itself to be: Variety for the Ears; Vaudeville for the Mind. They always include interesting authors. Can’t wait!

Keep it short: B-  Leave plenty of white space: B     Add images to give the eyes a rest: C+
Not too bad. As with my fiction writing, I'll continue to try to improve.
Happy Reading!

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