Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Newest Adventure

In the last paragraph of my last post, I mentioned having a YA fantasy out on submission. Perhaps it is time for me to come out of another one of my writer’s closets. Yes, I write YA. And no, I do not do so under the same name as I write Romance.

I have an alter ego.

My alter ego has been quite busy lately. It has set up its own Twitter account. And along with its two wonderful critique partners, it just started a YA blog. Yeah, I know, I can’t seem to keep up this one, so how will I ever keep up two?! I’m just trusting that somehow it will work.

Our new blog is going to be all about reading, writing and reviewing Young Adult fiction. We’re excited about all of the opportunities this will give us to share our love of Young Adult lit, including sharing our personal writing journeys.

We went live two days ago, with a post of our bios. It looks like tomorrow we will post our first book review. It’s moving along nicely and we’re jazzed. If YA fiction is an interest of yours, you may want to stop by occasionally. We’d love to have you visit.

The YA Triple Scoop: Sarah, Monica, Heather

Happy Writing!


  1. Okay, Monica - you've submitted, your RWA PRO, you've sold, you've submitted some more and now you have a second blog? And you Tweet? When will you consider yourself no longer "fledgling"? :)

    1. Oh Judith, I wish you were here to see me laughing! Does that feeling of inadequacy ever go away? And to be truthful, I have no idea how to change the name of my blog at this point!! Ha ha ha ha!

      I hate to admit this to YOU of all people, but I've never gotten around to filing for PRO. {hides head in shame!}

  2. Yay!!! You can do it all because you're some sort of super-woman!

    1. OK, Regular Readers, this is my lovely critique partner, Sarah. She's being really nice to me--she knows all too well that I am NO super-woman! ;-)

      But thank you for the vote of confidence, dear friend!

  3. I will! We're having a lot of fun.

    Thank you, Viola!