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While I loved the first episode of Outlander, I liked this one even more. I already can feel the inevitable sexual tension building between Claire and Jamie, though at this point she is far from recognizing it. Also, the sets, cinematography, costumes, and make-up are sumptuous and are a delight to watch. I find myself needing at least two viewings: one to listen and follow the actions, and one to take in the beauty of the art that is created in each episode.

In this episode we see Claire trying to make sense of her new surroundings, as all the while looking for a way to escape them.

The scene at the fireplace where she’s tending Jamie’s wounds did a lot to begin building the sexual tension, and did a nice job of weaving important backstory into the scene. We now have had a glimpse of Jamie’s history with Black Jack Randall. I don’t know about anyone else, but I could feel each one of those lashes, and flinched each time the whip made contact with Jamie’s back. Randall’s treatment of Jenny was handled well—as in I hated him. Tobias Menzies, (Randall) is doing a fantastic job in the role. I could almost smell the sweat and dirt on him as he held poor Jenny.

Also, in that same fireside scene, Jamie mentions Claire’s husband and notices her sudden despair. He asks if her husband is not alive. In the strange world that is time travel, it dawns on Claire that NO, he is not alive. But not in the ‘he’s dead’ sort of way, but in the ‘he hasn’t been born yet’ way. That’s only the beginning, Claire!

Mrs. Fitz is spot on perfect, and I had a fresh appreciation for a woman’s need of a servant when dressing as I watched the amusing dressing scene. But, is my memory hazy or has Claire been given far too many dresses? I remember two during her Castle Leoch time, and in reality that may be too many. Her many changes of wardrobe seem an anachronism.

Geillis Duncan. The actress Lotte Verbeek certainly has the spooky, witchy eyes, but I thought she was far too coy and flirtatious in the scene that introduced her. There was a gentle, virginal quality about her, and Geillis is anything but gentle or virginal. I have no doubt they will  make
her everything Geillis should be, but for now I have reservations. Maybe I should review the book—perhaps this is how Gabaldon first introduces Geillis.

Neither hall scene was a disappointment. Claire happily downing the wine, only to find herself far too tipsy for safety, was delightful. And the Laoghaire scene was nicely played, with Jamie making his first appearance as the brave knight in shining armor. Surely that had to impress Claire, despite the barbarism. Incidentally, Nell Hudson who plays Laoghaire looks exactly like I pictured the character.

I felt more sparks flying in the air, as Claire visited Jamie at the stables. And ahhhh…we heard Jamie call her Sassenach as a term of endearment for the first time. Sam Heughan made it ring true. I think I’ll enjoy hearing that in the many episodes to come.

That Jamie is already developing feelings for Claire became obvious when he flinched as she told him she would soon be leaving. He was definitely disappointed. Of course, he needn’t have worried, as Dougal has no intentions of letting her go. No, as Colum said, she is a prisoner ONLY if she tries to leave.

MINOR SPOILER ALERT: When I watched the first episode, I had no inkling that the castle room in which Claire and Frank had a ‘romantic interlude’ was the room where Claire sets up shop as the Castle Leoch healer. I’m surprised I didn’t catch that. She’ll be spending a lot more time at that old table.

MINOR RANT ALERT: Caitriona Balfe continues to grow on me as Claire, though she really needs to eat whatever the 1743 equivalent of a hamburger would be. Caitriona is gorgeous and very slim, but Claire is more robust. She should be slender, but she should certainly look stronger. I’ll get over it. But if they have Jamie waxing poetically, as he does in the books, about her fine, plump, round arse, I will probably laugh. Yeah, I’m just jealous of the lovely Caitriona!

I’m excited for the next episode. And I’m even more excited to hear that after only one episode, the series has been renewed for a Season Two!! Yay! So much more Claire and Jamie to look forward to!

Slàinte mhath!

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  1. Love the reviews. You are so diplomatic! Really enjoying the series so far!

  2. I'm loving it too! Glad you're enjoying the reviews! I hope you'll come back for the episode 3 review, Cr8tive Mom!