Thursday, September 4, 2014

The List: Celebrity Crushes and Free Passes

The List: that compilation of celebrity crushes for whom your spouse must give you a free pass in the extremely unlikely* event that you should meet a celebrity crush who wants to take you to bed.
*It would be more likely that you would win the lottery and get hit by lightning at the same time. That kind of extreme unlikeliness.

Don’t we all have a List? I was chatting with a dear friend, whom I thought I knew as well as I know myself, and was shocked to discover she did not have a List! This led to a full explanation of the workings of The List, how many people can be on it, how it can be updated, how someone can get cut or another person can be inducted. The List is dynamic by definition—never static. This friend is an excellent learner, and in no time she had compiled a rather lengthy and diverse List. I was so proud of her.

When girlfriends and I share with one another who makes up our Lists, I try not to be judgmental. Everyone has her own tastes. (Except for a friend who lusts for Pitbull—I’m sorry, I really don’t get that!!) But when it comes to my husband’s List, I feel the need to persuade him that certain choices are not worthy of his List. Or that his taste and judgment are poor. Yes, I like to tell him who should and should not be on his List. Isn’t that what a good wife does?

My List, of course, shows excellent taste. Being the anglophile I am, 90% of The List is made of men from the U.K. and Ireland. Recent inductees include the very fine Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba. Richard Armitage made the list a couple of years ago when I discovered that he IS my vampire, Gabriel Augustine. (from my novel) Since then Mr. Armitage has held a Top Five position, along with the likes of Colin Firth and Liam Neeson.

Fantasy is a wonderful thing. Writers, who spend so much of their lives living in imaginary worlds they have created, tend to have rich fantasy lives. Do YOU have a List? Please feel free to share who might be on it—as long as it isn’t Pitbull.

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