Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Vampire Gabriel

I have a new blog that went live Friday night! The blog for my novel about the enigmatic, sexy vampire Gabriel Augustine is up and running. Though I have intended to add a blog specific to one of my novels, I was not planning on starting it so soon. I was getting over a fever, was playing around on Blogger, looking at designs and such, and without being anywhere NEAR ready, I accidently went live. Ever since that fateful click I’ve been racing to make it presentable. At least a little presentable.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, this past summer, while researching my Civil War book, I practiced my craft by writing the first draft of this paranormal romance. I have always referred to this novel as my “practice” novel. Since that no longer seems sufficient I will now refer to it as THE VAMPIRE GABRIEL, and you can check out the teaser I have posted on its dedicated website at:  

I’m currently working on the rewrite of Gabriel. After a spell of struggling with the rewrite, and feeling rather stagnant, I set it aside for six weeks, as I’d read that this can help when a writer hits a wall. A couple of weeks ago I looked at it with fresh eyes, and the rewrite is now coming right along. Most recently I’ve been reworking the beginning, with the goal being to up the pace and get the reader into the action more quickly.

Today’s book alert: As a fan of Jane Austen, (she is even an off stage, unseen character in THE VAMPIRE GABRIEL) my eye is always caught by the mash-ups that are so popular right now. I’ve only read a few, and have mostly been disappointed. But a new one by a very well respected author has just been published: Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James. I plan to give this one a try.
Happy Reading and Writing! And check out Gabriel!

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