Saturday, December 31, 2011

Writing Resolutions

Happy New Year! Last year I spent New Year’s Eve on the Westminster Bridge in London waiting for and then finally watching the giant fireworks display. This year we are at home here in Oregon REMEMBERING our Christmas and New Years in England. Well, we knew it was a once in a lifetime experience that we would fondly remember forever.

Time for the fledgling writer to make a few New Year’s Resolutions for her new writing avocation.
1.     Write every day. Yes, even on work days. Yes, even when I’m so tired I can barely make it through the door. Yes, even if it is only 100 words. Something. Every. Day.

2.      Re-read Jerry Cleaver’s Immediate Fiction.

3.      Finish the last rewrite of The Vampire Gabriel.

4.      Decide what I’m going to do with The Vampire Gabriel.

5.      Find one or two critique partners. Love having a best friend read my writing, but, well, she’s a best friend.

6.      Join the local chapter of the national writing organization that I’ve been considering joining for months now. Perhaps I will find my critique partners there.

7.      Finish the first draft of my Civil War novel.
While that seems like a lot to accomplish, I must remember that a year ago whilst standing on the Westminster Bridge I hadn’t even begun to think about writing. Since then I have written the first draft of an 80,000 word novel, researched an historical novel, written about 15,000 words of the historical novel, attended workshops, attended the fabulous two-day Wordstock, started two blogs, and started a third novel whose main character wouldn’t leave me alone until I started putting her story down on paper. Whew. I’ve never put all of that down in one place. I’m excited by what I was able to accomplish during 2011.

But I’m even more excited by what 2012 will bring for this new writing adventure! Happy New Year! Let’s keep writing!


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