Monday, August 13, 2012

Fabulous Futuristic Query Letter!

A week away from home, chores, errands, and weeds that keep screaming at me…ahhh I can rest, recreate, and write, write, write. Or so the plan goes. I’m hoping to find lots of lovely, uninterrupted writing time while Dear Husband and I enjoy our week here in gorgeous Sunriver, Oregon.

Last week I ran the red, hot query letter that landed Cathryn Cade her first book deal, and today I’m posting Kylie Wolfe’s successful query. Though Kylie eventually won her book deal with publisher Lyrical Press through a contest, (Yay Kylie!!!), this query letter resulted in two requests for full manuscripts, making it quite successful by any measure. Her debut novel has a tentative release date of December 2012, and she tells me she is currently spending every spare moment working on the edits her editor loves to send her. I can’t wait for your book Kylie! Thank you so much for sharing your letter with us.
Here’s that successful query letter:

Dear Submissions Editor,

I have attached a synopsis and the first three chapters of my 80,000 word futuristic romance, Rayven's Keep, for your consideration.  It is the first book in a series of stand alone stories that follow four men who survived the devastating war that destroyed their home world.  Below is a brief summary of the story requested in your submission guidelines.  

All Tru Creighton wants is to be taken seriously by her wealthy and powerful family.  Restless and determined to prove herself she makes a bold move.  Thinking she is investigating a possible embezzlement of company funds and shipments that have mysteriously vanished, she unwittingly uncovers something darker and much more sinister.  It isn’t until it is too late that she realizes she has put herself in serious danger. Desperate for help she turns to the one man she hopes can rescue her.

Nick Rayven knows all about survival.  A former soldier, a refugee from a world destroyed by war, he has seen the dark side of human nature.  Trying to put his shattered life back together his focus is solely on carving a new place for himself and his growing business. Emotionally numb, the last thing he wants is to find his life again in turmoil. 

Running from an unknown enemy, tasked with protecting Tru, Nick discovers keeping her safe is anything but simple.  His hard won, ordered life is turned upside down by murder, drugs and an interplanetary conspiracy neither expected.  To complicate matters more, her very presence awakens emotions and feelings he long thought suppressed. 

Nick’s strong sense of duty prevents him from acting on the growing attraction between them, but Tru doesn’t have the same qualms.  She willingly follows where her heart leads and it is set on the enigmatic, honorable man fighting to keep her safe. 

I am an active member of RWA and was recently accepted for PRO status.  I also belong to both Rose City Romance Writers and Greater Seattle Romance Writer's chapters.  This manuscript is currently entered into the RCRW Golden Rose contest.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I look forward to the opportunity to share the entire manuscript with you.
Kylie Wolfe

And finally on a personal note, though I am loathe to jinx things, (I’ve suddenly become VERY superstitious-I’m knocking wood as I write this), a week after I sent out my first queries I received a request for a partial! I’m trying to stay very rational, remembering that this first novel was always meant to be a learning experience. And what a learning curve I’ve been on throughout this query process!

Thank you again Kylie, not only for sharing your letter, but also for being so supportive as I’ve been going through the scary query/partial request adventure.

Happy Writing! 

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