Friday, August 3, 2012

Red, Hot Query Letter!

When last we met I was experiencing great angst over writing a query letter. Well, that letter was written and sent out this past week! I immediately felt sheer terror and a lot of nausea. On the other hand, finishing final edits on my first novel, writing the required synopses of varying lengths as well as the query letter, were all must-dos on my summer task list and I’m thrilled to be able to make those check marks next to them. For the two weeks that remain of my summer break I’m turning my attention to my half-finished YA paranormal and am enjoying the company of my main characters, Angela and Aaron.

My last post also included a request for writers who would volunteer to share their successful query letters with my readers. Two brave souls came forward with query letters! This week I’m sharing Cathryn Cade’s first, last, and only query letter she’s ever written. Yes, she has been so successful for Samhain Publishing that she’s never needed to write another query. She writes red, hot romance in both her Orion Series as well as her new Hawaiian Heroes Series. The two Hawaiian Heroes books, Walking In Fire, and Rolling In The Deep are sexy paranormals set in the beauty of Hawaii. (All of Cathryn’s books are available at Samhain, Amazon, and and you can visit her website at Thank you so much Cathryn for sharing this query letter!

Cathryn Cade
Her address

August 1, 2007

Christina M. Brashear, Publisher
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Dear Ms. Brashear,

I am seeking publication of my novella in your upcoming anthology, On the Prowl.
My story, ‘Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bryght’ is attached, complete at 25, 900 words. Attached also is the synopsis.

Tyger takes place in the future, in the far reaches of outer space. That is where the Tyger shape-shifters of planet Bryght exist. It is a sensual romance, set against a backdrop of adventure and intrigue. The space ship Orion is one of a fleet of huge cargo and passenger carriers that ply space between the galaxies. The crew is from such far flung planets as Earth, Indigo, Pangaea, Serpentea, and Bryght. This is the first of a series of stories about the Orion’s crew, and their sensual trials and triumphs.

Tryon Jag is a virile, successful Tygean, even owns his own firm, offering the prized services of his Tyger navigators to ships that wish to bring their goods to the remote planet of Bryght. He is returning home on the Orion when he is caught off planet at moon rise. This is when the males and females of Bryght go through their yearly mating shift. Jag is now a risk to himself and others on the Orion as he shifts into a dangerous, if gorgeous and sexy, half-man, half-cat, with the sexual needs of both raging in him. He needs a mate, to calm and soothe him so he can do his job, and get the Orion safely to port. Unless a female Tygean, preferably a young, and relatively innocent one, can be found among the crew and passengers to close herself into the ship’s jungle-like arboretum with him, the Orion may well be destroyed in the dangerous asteroid belt that surrounds Bryght. The fact that some eco-terrorists have smuggled a bio-bomb on board, intending to destroy the ships navigation system entirely unless their demands are met, only adds to the tension.

Calla Fellura, a lovely young crew member who secretly admires Jag, agrees to mate with him, and finds herself swept into a heated jungle of sensuality that she could never have imagined. Calla must surrender to triumph, and she does both.

I have been writing fiction for years, but only recently discovered the joys of reading and writing novellas – the perfect length of story for me, as I am also a busy elementary school librarian. I hope you will read Tyger, and consider it for your anthology.

Cathryn Cade

As a post script I should add that Cathryn is now such a successful writer she has recently retired from teaching and is able to be a full time writer. Sigh…

Next week I’ll be sharing a query letter from Kylie Wolfe, whose debut novel will be released this fall.

Thank you again Cathryn!

Happy Writing everyone!

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  1. No wonder your query resulted in a sale. Wow! I wanted to run right out and buy the anthology just for Cathryn's story alone. Her success is well deserved.